Celebrex – precautions and warnings

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Celebrex – precautions and warnings

Inflammation is the disease which is mainly faced by the adults, and if your condition is more severe, then you should consult with your doctor. There are so many medications which you can take for reducing the symptoms of the inflammation, reducing pain and swelling which occurs by the surgeries and menstrual pain.

Before going to start your medication, you should ask your doctor about their warnings and precautions. Make sure that you are telling them about your medical conditions which you are recently taking or stop taking. There are some factors which affect on you that how the medication can affect you.


  • If you are allergic to any brand of the celebrex, then you should inform your doctor.
  • Don’t hide any medical conditions from your doctor which you have.
  • if you are suffering from some conditions, then have to inform your doctor:-
  1. kidney and liver disease
  2. breathing problem as like asthma
  3. heart diseases
  4. high blood pressure
  5. bleeding or clotting problems
  • sometimes you are facing kidney problems with Celebrex
  • If you are being dehydrated with the medication, then you have to face problems like heart failure or kidney diseases. Take plenty of fluids which are prescribed by your doctor for staying hydrated.
  • Don’t combine the medication with smoke and alcohol. If you take the medication in this way, then it increases the risk of the stomach bleeding. When you are on the treatment of the generic celebrex, then you should limit the amount of alcohol and smoking.
  • When you are going for taking surgery, then you have to inform your doctor about all the products which you are using even natural, herbal and nonprescription drugs.
  • An elder person don’t take the medication without the doctor’s prescription because in those people it increases the risk of the kidney problems.
  • You should take the medication under your professional health care for avoiding the risk of the side effects.
  • When this medication is taken by the children, then you should know about all the safety measures.
  • In pregnancy, your doctor prescribes you to take medication when it is actually required.
  • If you take celebrex then before going to breastfeeding must consult with your doctor.

These are several safety measures which you have to follow if you want to get an effective and better result from the celebrex medication.