Celebrex – essential things to be noted

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Celebrex – essential things to be noted

Celebrex is a non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug which belongs to the drug that name is celecoxib. The medication reduces those hormones from your body that causes inflammation and pain in the body. Inflammation and pain caused by so many diseases and that is arthritis, surgeries, and menstrual pain.

The medication is also used to treat the juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which is the cause of children who are 2 years old. The medication is also used for some those purpose which is not mentioned the medication guide.

There are several things which you should know about the celebrex and when you are going to take the medication.

Taking other medications

If you are taking other medication with celebrex, then you should inform your doctor about that. If you bought those medications without a prescription, then you have to tell your doctor. Some drugs are those which interacts with it and give you some those side effects which may be severe that’s why don’t hide about any medication from your doctor.

Few medicines and celebrex will interact with each other. It includes:-

  • Medication to treat blood pressure and heart problems.
  • medication to treat the irregular heartbeat problems
  • anti-fungal medication
  • anti-depressants
  • medicine to take for stopping the blood clots
  • pain killers
  • diabetic medicine
  • medication for treating cancers
  • that medication which is used to suppress the immune system

These are those medications which interact with celebrex, and your doctor has to know about for adjusting your perfect dosage. They are also advising you that which medication you can take or not to take with celebrex.

Things to do:-

  • inform your doctor if you become pregnant after taking celebrex
  • If you are going to start any new medication, then don’t do this without telling your doctor.
  • To take dental treatment, you should also tell your dentist that you take the celebrex.
  • If your skin rashes develop after taking the medication then must contact your doctor.

Things not to do:-

  • Never share the medication with those people who are facing the same symptoms as you.
  • Do not take the medication until your doctor doesn’t prefer you.

Ending words

These are several things which you should know while taking the celebrex for reducing the pain which is caused by the surgeries and inflammation with the anti-inflammatory drugs.