All you need to know about celebrex

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All you need to know about celebrex

Celebrex is the medication which is used to treat the inflammation, swelling and another discomfort which you face. It is not a steroid instead of this it is an anti-inflammatory drug. The medication works by reducing the hormones which cause the inflammation and pain in the body.

It is helpful if you are suffering from the pain which is caused by arthritis and menstrual pain. We are going to tell you about some information which is beneficial for you, and you are able to get the better result.

  • Specific details

After taking celebrex, you may face the stomach related problems and cause the intestinal bleeding which may be risky. You will face these things if you don’t take medicine with the doctor’s prescription. Don’t take medicine if you are already suffering from the stomach problem and intestinal bleeding.

It can increase the risk of the heart attack. Don’t consume the medication just before and after taking the heart surgery.

  • Before taking celebrex

If you are suffering from any below-mentioned disease, then you should not take the medication:-

  • allergy to other drugs
  • If you suffered from the heart attacks and severe allergic reactions.

Must be sure that it is safe for you or not, if you have the condition:-

  • bleeding in the stomach and intestinal
  • heart diseases
  • high blood pressure
  • asthma and other breathing problems
  • liver and kidney diseases
  • habitual of smoking and consuming alcohol
  • in pregnancy
  • breast feeding lady

It is not safe for you in these conditions, but if you are required to take the medication, then you have to inform about these conditions to your doctor.

  • Ways to take:-

You should also know about that how you should take the medication?

  • Take the perfect dosage which is actually prescribed by your doctor.
  • Don’t adjust your dosage according to you.
  • Take the medication with or without food.
  • Always start with the lower dosage of the medication and know that how will your response to the medication.
  • After taking the medication, you should store the medication at room temperature.
  • Follow all the direction which is described on the prescription label and if you are unable to understand then you can ask from your doctor.

Hope that you are satisfied with the above-mentioned information which is about the celebrex.